Catch The Fire!

CBBI-The Chris Brown Invitational is a world class track meet that is hosted in Nassau, Bahamas. This meet is the featured meet opener for Olympians, World champions and Gold Medal winners. Featuring the best of the best. Chris Brown need the best of best branding for his meet.
Catch the FIRE


A Worldly Introduction

We were tasked with introducing the world to a brand new stadium in Nassau Bahamas. We created and directed a campaign that match the fit and feel of the Bahamas. By understanding and studying the world of track and field and the islands of the Bahamas we were able to strategically create a highly effective and successful media mix.

Slogans that STICK

Simple. Bold. Capturing the essence of what the meet wanted and needed. Catch the Fire and the corresponding hashtag across social media literally caught blaze. The anticipation for this first year meet lead to a follow up meet and also enticed the governing body of track and field to Nassau to host the World Relays. With this phase along with branding and visual composition provided a uniqueness and an unheard freshness that translated directly into income and future business for our client.
CBBI Promo Video

Make your move

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